Confiança's first production in October 2014 (They Shoot Dogs, 2009 Philip S.), under the guise of SuckitAndSee Productions,  Directed and Produced by Lisa Adams-Davey, received critical acclaim. In addition to published reviews, some of the audience written feedback for this includes:

“You perfectly described how disabled people feel… your production moved and affected me.”

"POIGNANT and true to life."

“It was amazing, I was blown away… truly SPECIAL... I can't wait to see what you Army Dreamers do next.”


"A powerful performance with a strong visceral engagement of the audience." 

“Well done … it was wonderful to see a full house!”

“Brilliant performance.”

"EXCELLENT directing skills demonstrated with a young cast that gave a mature performance."


"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it and was so impressed by all of the cast, I watched in awe of their skills." 

“What an amazing piece of theatre...! It has made me think a lot about the troubles people go through …

Thank you.”


"An amazing experience!"

“A BRILLIANT piece of theatre! THE ACTING WAS INCREDIBLE! Best Wishes for the future.”


Audience members, Silent Scars I :

"You embodied exactly how Depression really feels to me."

"A very MOVING piece of Physical Theatre."

"Amazing... every performance sold out!"

"Outstanding work... extremely therapeutic."

Red Carpet

"This is one of the best, creative and well-handled pieces of contemporary performance I have ever seen."


Written audience feedback:

"Very INSIGHTFUL and entertaining. Masterfully acted. Loved it!"

"Superb portrayal of a very difficult, real issue."

"AMAZING Performance! This is one of the best ways to raise awareness." 

"Extremely Powerful!"