Silent Scars I  was commissioned and produced for World Mental Health Day at the Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool. This performance exhibition focused on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Clinical Depression. The work manifested itself in the unification of two companies – Cultivart and Confiança Collaborative – and it was a collaboration of three independent artists – Karyn Rayner Killiner (Visual Artist) and Lisa Adams-Davey, with Rachael Mutch (Performance Artsist and Co-choreographer).

Silent Scars I  was a celebration of interdisciplinary transformative artistry (poetry, visual arts, and physical theatre) as a method of healing. Not only did the creation of the work form part of self-transformation but this exhibition itself was, and continues to be, fundamental to the therapeutic process for the artists involved.



Silent Scars I - October 2015

Silent Scars I  was dedicated to the memory of Amy Leigh Barnes (1989 - 2008) - RIP Beautiful Angel.