CONFIANÇA COLLABORATIVE THEATRE Co. originated from the Artistic Director’s desire to work with, and to provide opportunities for, talented graduate artists, alongside an aspiration to engage in energised, innovative, and intellectually stimulating socio-politically charged performance.


The company present art that publicly provokes exceptional and diverse argument and opinion on (typically) delicate and contested issues, in order to expose and examine the human condition, man’s 'habitual' inhumanity to man, and personal 'silent scars'. They choose, and create, dramatic texts, which are challenging and distinctive, and which frequently boast a rich mixture of comedy and intense drama.


CONFIANÇA COLLABORATIVE THEATRE Co. focus on mental and physical illness, and the impact of the psycho-biological interface, with a view to inspiring opinion and change. In such a way, their work researches the cross-fertilisation of the arts with therapy in an attempt to empower individuals, to encourage people to reconsider how we judge and value those who suffer, and with the aim to help instigate a deeper understanding, empathy, and support of those in need.